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CBD FREEZE Roll-On Gel Instant Pain Relief 1500MG 90ml Bottle


Nobody wants to be sore and nobody wants to use products with harsh side effects, that’s why remedies like CBD FREEZE Roll-On-Gel 1500MG are more popular than ever.

Genesis Pure Botanicals CBD FREEZE Roll-On-Gel 1500MG is an advanced formula gel designed to roll away the pain. Our roll-on-gel combines the proven pain-relief properties of menthol with the natural power of CBD.

This CBD topical comes in a convenient travel-friendly 90ml roll-on bottle.

Infused with a powerful 1500 mg of CBD in an advanced formula CBD FREEZE Roll-On-Gel 1500MG has been designed to quickly soothe general pain, inflammation, arthritis, back pain, and joint pain. This roll-on is stronger than most topicals in the CBD market right now!

CBD FREEZE Roll-On-Gel 1500MG provides a non-greasy, deep skin penetration of premium CBD from non-GMO USA hemp.

How Much to Take?

As with most CBD products, recommended use instructions will vary from person to person. It is recommended that you start with a moderate application wherever you need it and then increase the amount after monitoring your initial results.

Instructions: Slightly squeeze the bottle while rolling the product onto the affected area in a circular motion. Use 1-3 passes per application. Do not use on open wounds, thin skin areas or sensitive skin. Use up to 4 times a day as desired. Keep out of sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach from children. If redness, rash or burning occurs use cool water to remove the product and discontinue use.

Use CBD FREEZE Roll-On-Gel 1500MG to help relieve targeted pain, i.e. patients with shoulder pain can rub CBD gel on the affected area.

How Long for Desired Results?

Generally, we suggest maintaining a daily CBD regimen for at least two to three weeks before making any major adjustments. This method will allow for the CBD to closely interact with the body more naturally, allowing CBD to build up within your system. Again, start with a smaller application on any problem areas and then adjust as required.

Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Natural Menthol 3.5%, Cannabidiol Hemp Extract, Carbomer, Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Hydrated Silica, Aminomethyl Propanol, Methyl Paraben, Uncaria Tomentosa Extract, Bosweila Serrate Extract, Camphor Terpene.

  • Superior CBD in every product batch
  • High-quality manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties
  • THC-free* products sourced from USA hemp
  • Third-party, ISO-certified lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness

Genesis Pure Botanicals X-FREEZE Roll-On-Gel 1500MG could help with:

•Pain Relief

•Anti- Inflammation

•Total Calmness and Reduces Stress

•Mood Enhancer

•Helps Overall Health and Wellness

•Reduces Anxiety

• Natural Sleep Aid


Do You Want More Information About CBD?

Why CBD and why it is effective?

The benefits of CBD is partially due to mother nature’s brilliance in plant design, but credit is also due to our human body’s design. In this little article, we will explain why CBD works in our bodies.

Generally speaking, whenever we experience stress, whether physical, emotional or mental it can affect our body’s sense of homeostasis or balance. We can experience unpleasant symptoms. In order to manage our body’s response to stress, it calls on our Endocannabinoid System or ECS which is designed to promote homeostasis (balance).

What is the ECS?

In the same way that a plane’s electronics work to monitor temperature, pressure and fuel levels, so our body has its own means of monitoring the important levels and functions in our body. However, when something is out of balance it calls on the ECS to fix it. If our temperature is too high or too low, or out of the right range, our body activates the ECS to help correct it. When we get too hot our ECS begins working to cool us down. Our ECS is the human body’s own system to assist with whatever is out of balance.

How does ECS work?

The three backbones of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) are:

1: Endocannabinoids

2: Metabolic Enzymes

3: Cannabinoid Receptors (CB Receptors)

The CB receptors are the first step in the process. The CB receptors are the spark that triggers the body to produce a certain endocannabinoid (which is a cannabis-like molecule) to treat the symptom. Once the endocannabinoid is released it goes to work to bring whatever was out of balance back into balance. Once they have done their job, certain enzymes come along to break them down and prevent them from going too far and upsetting the balance in the opposite direction.

We have (at least) two types of cannabinoid receptors:

CB1 which is in the central nervous system (brain and nerves of the spinal cord)

CB2 is in the peripheral nervous system (nerves in your extremities), the digestive system, and specialized cells in the immune system.

Through these receptors, the ECS helps regulate a lot of important functions, such as:



Immune function

Inflammation, including neuroinflammation

Mood Sleep


Motor control

Temperature regulation




Homeostasis is essential to our health and survival, so when the ECS isn't working properly, it can cause a lot of problems for you. 

CBD acts upon CB1 and CBD2 receptors to produce several positive outcomes. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, promotes homeostasis, reduces pain sensation and decreases inflammation.

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