What is VIP Rewards?

VIP Rewards is an initiative by Genesis Pure Botanicals to give back to our customers by rewarding every new purchase with cash back credit.

Instead of waiting for the seasonal sales, VIP Rewards is our way of sharing the discounts every day.

There is no sign up or membership required, but there are more perks if you do sign up.

Here's how we give you discounts.

Choose the items that you want to purchase in our store. Once you have successfully completed the check out process, we will email you a store credit code so that your next purchase is discounted. That is how easy it is. 

To use it, simply cut and paste the credit code from the email and then add it into the "discount code" box at the check out station of our website. This will discount your final total by the same amount as you have in your VIP Rewards balance. 

You can check how much credit is left in your account by copying the credit code and pasting it in the box under the tab 'Check My Balance' in the navigation menu of the website.

If you signed up as a member, your purchase history and other personal information including, cash back code, referral link and credit balance will kept in your dashboard. You do not need to cut and paste your credit code as that will be done for you (once you are logged into your account). Once you have selected the items that you want to purchase, during the check out process, you will see a button giving you the option of using the credit in the purchase. Once you select it - it will deduct that amount from your purchase.

How much do I earn?

Spend $80USD get $5USD in VIP Rewards cash

Spend $120USD get $15USD in VIP Rewards cash

Spend $200USD get $25USD in VIP Rewards cash

Spend $300USD get $35USD in VIP Rewards cash

Spend $500USD get $60USD in VIP Rewards cash

Spend $1000USD get $120USD in VIP Rewards cash

Referral Rewards 

We will reward anyone who refers a new customer to our website. If that new customer makes a purchase, the referrer will receive a generous 10% of their purchase amount. We will email you a credit code for 10% of their total spend. Now, isn't that rewarding!

However in order for it to register as your referral you must first give them your referral code, which you can find in your member's dashboard after you log in, or in the Rewards Widget at the bottom right hand corner of the website.

If you are not a member, your referral code can be found at the bottom of the store credit email.

Do you want even more PERKS though?

We also have extra VIP rewards for members. You can become a member by signing up to our VIP Rewards loyalty program called VIP Rewards.

To sign up find the tab in the top right hand corner 'log in / sign up' and follow the link to the sign up page. Then fill in the boxes.

Once you sign up, you will have your own personalised dashboard. Here you will find a record all of your previous purchases (since signing up). You can also check the balance of your store credit in your dash board. 

Overall, you will have a more personalised experience. Not only will it pre-fill the check out form with your address, but you will not have to cut and paste your credit code like the visitors do. You have a button in your cart that you can select to use the credit in your account.

Loyalty Status Tags and Rewards

One of the best perks in our loyalty program is the fact that you can be rewarded twice on the same purchase. You are rewarded in the same way as the visitors to our website, (remember we reward every purchase), and then again, simply because you are a VIP Rewards member.

Here's how member rewards work: once you sign up as a member and your overall spending reaches a certain amount, e.g., $1500, $3000, $5000 or $10000 we will issue you with a special VIP status e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. Each one of these tags entitles you to greater discounts every time you make a new purchase (over $120USD).

For example: If one of our members has spent $3000USD in our store since their sign up, every time they make a new purchase at our website, we will email a store credit (like we do for everyone) and then another store credit for being a VIP Member. That is a double discount!

VIP Lifetime Rewards

Your total lifetime spend = lifetime rewards.

Bronze $1500USD = $5USD cash back

Silver $3000USD = $10USD cash back

Gold $5000USD = $15USD cash back

Diamond $10000 = $20USD cash back

Thank You!

Thank you for choosing our business. We understand that you could be spending your money anywhere over the internet. This is why we giving back. We are generous with our discounts because you are loyal to our business. 

Thank you for your custom!

Sign up today and receive a store credit for $10USD!