Why Do We Feel Anxiety?

For most people anxiety is a temporary state of feeling stressed. For others, it's a persistent symptom that they live with daily.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It can be the way your brain grabs your attention when you’re heading towards danger, by sending off an alarm within you, to warn you.

You Want to Know How it Works?

Your brain works in two regions to process anxiety: the amygdala and the cerebral cortex. The amygdala processes basic emotions like fear, anger, and guilt in milliseconds. It will then sound an alarm if something disturbs your sense of safety — a powerful system if there is a real danger.

The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that determines whether the danger is real or not. It either responds in a way to protect you or shuts down the alarm that was set off.

However sometimes if the alarm gets stuck, meaning the cerebral cortex becomes confused trying to sort out the real danger from a false one, it can leave an exaggerated view of whatever threatens you.

This is when anxiety becomes a problem. The good news is all levels of anxiety are diagnosable, controllable and treatable. The key is recognizing your anxiety level and then treating it.

How Can CBD Help?

CBD has been the subject of extensive scientific research because it has the potential to treat a wide range of health conditions. 

CBD is a natural anxiolytic, meaning it has the ability to reduce anxiety. Scientific evidence has shown that CBD oil reduces anxiety by directly lowering the activity in the two parts of the brain involved in anxiety (the amygdala and prefrontal cortex). The same research has also shown that CBD oil reduces stress.