CBD Oil for anxiety

Cannabinoids (the chemical compound found in hemp) interacts with our body in a very natural way because our bodies produce its own version of cannabinoids called endocannabinoids.

CBD has been the subject of extensive scientific research and has a potential benefit for a wide range of health conditions. Amongst the list, it has the potential to promote anti-anxiety and the ability to promote sleep.

CBD oil is a natural anxiolytic, meaning it may be able to reduce anxiety. There is evidence that CBD oil may be able to reduce anxiety by directly affecting certain areas in the brain.

Scientists have found that CBD oil could potentially lower the activity in the two parts of the brain involved in anxiety (the amygdala and prefrontal cortex). The same research has also shown that CBD oil may have a positive impact on reducing stress. 

In the same way, CBD oil could potentially promote sleep. While there are many causes for insomnia, some of the biggest are stress and anxiety, as a calming agent, CBD oil has the potential to calm the tension that keeps us from sleeping.

Scientists have suggested that CBD Oil may have many other health benefits on chronic pain, arthritis, migraines and much more.

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