CBD and Your Immune System

How Does CBD Benefit Your Immune System?

We have talked about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) before. If you need a quick refresher?

Your ECS is responsible for regulating many important functions in your body. The ultimate function of the ECS is homeostasis or maintaining balance in your body. If your body develops weakness in an area it organizes help at a cellular level to bring aid to the organ or body system in need of repair.

One such area is our immune response.

To support the ECS, your body creates compounds known as endocannabinoids, which transmit important messages to our EC receptors about what the body needs.

What does that have to do with CBD?

Cannabinoids, like CBD, act similarly to our own endocannabinoids to support the ECS in a very natural way. It helps our body bring itself back into balance - or homeostasis. When our body is in balance, it’s better equipped to support proper immune function and regulation. 

CBD boosts the activity of our ECS and helps our body to get back into balance. CBD is very much involved in the maintenance of a healthy immune response.


Many of us have heard the phrase ‘put a coat on or you’ll catch a cold!’ Although we may associate sickness with colder weather, research suggests our increase in sickness during the winter months is most likely due to spending more time indoors (to avoid the cold) and spending more time in close contact with others who may pass a virus to us.

Let’s look at some effective, preventative measures to keep you healthy during this time.

1. Manage stress

Stress is the single most important factor you can manage to avoid weakening your immune system. Stress wears down our immune system rapidly, making us more likely to fall ill when we are exposed to germs.

You can help mitigate this stress by meditating, indulging in regular exercise, and practicing mindfulness.

2. Prioritize sleep (or make yours better!)

Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep – which is why it is so crucial to make sure we’re getting enough quality sleep. When we skip out on our regular amounts of sleep, the number of infection-fighting antibodies and cells in our bodies is reduced.

Using a CBD supplement before bed will help you relax and have a deeper sleep. It is in your immune system’s best interest that you get quality sleep when you can.

3. Support your body with herbs and supplements

At Genesis Pure Botanicals, we always recommend using a CBD supplement to boost an already healthy lifestyle! 

Here are some effective supplements:


As we mentioned before, CBD can be a powerful tool to help maintain balance in your body. Including CBD into your daily routine will be all-around beneficial – and will especially aid in activating your ECS and keeping you balanced.

Reishi mushroom

Mushrooms are widely used in Eastern medicine and have been known to act as a powerful immune sidekick. Source high-quality reishi mushroom powder and try mixing it into your morning latte.


Echinacea has been shown to increase the number of white blood cells, which helps to fight off colds or infection. Try an herbal echinacea spray or a bag of tea that contains dried echinacea.

4. Load up on healthy foods

Vitamins can help an infection from even happening in the first place. If you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, then you should not need to take a supplement – the vitamins are already in the food we eat!

Vitamin D

You can either purchase a high-quality vitamin D supplement or look for fortified milk and cereals.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the most well-known immune booster. You can get your dose of vitamin C by eating citrus (like oranges, grapefruit, or lemon), bell peppers, kale, and broccoli.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that will help the body fight infection. You can get vitamin E from nuts (like sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, or hazelnuts), avocados, mango, and kiwi!


Zinc is a mineral that keeps the immune system strong and aids in healing. You can find zinc in legumes, nuts, seeds, and soy products.

Prioritize eating a salad packed with vegetables, drinking a green juice, or even making your own vegetable broth. Your immune system will thank you!

5. Stay hydrated

Making sure you stay hydrated aids your body in eliminating toxins and other unwanted bacteria. soft drinks, alcohol, and sugary fruit juices are not substitutes for water; if you need to, try herbal teas or add flavorings to your water to make sure you are getting enough.

6. Wash your hands

One of the easiest tips of all, but we had to mention it! Thoroughly wash your hands, especially before handling food or after being in an environment with a lot of germs.

These tips can help you avoid sickness. Wellness is a choice that everyone can make!